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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 7, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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as a alabama takes on notre dame tonight. tickets going for as much as $60,000. and josh elliott leads our coverage from the field, only on "gma." james bond there, too. good morning, america. we're covering so much ground today. we have josh down in miami for tonight's big game. sam is in las vegas, he's going to be judging the miss america contest this week. we'll have reports from that. >> sam dancing there a moment ago. >> they're talking to each other right now. >> of course, robin. hello to robin watching from home. welcome back to amy robach. lot to get to, including a big headline about the flu. the worst in a decade. epidemic levels in 41 states. dr. richard besser is here. >> a number of child deaths to report already. also breaking this morning, prince charles revealing his
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worries about harry's safety in afghanistan. it comes in brand-new interview. can't wait for that. also on the show, america's most famous reality star. yep, honey boo-boo is back. but it's honey boo-boo's mother and her big moneymaking move that's making headlines this morning. is she the shrewdest reality star ever? but we'll begin with that breaking news out of the white house. the president will nominate his picks for the pentagon and cia later today. already stirring up some controversy. abc's martha raddatz is in washington. >> reporter: let's start with the defense secretary. you might think a republican, vietnam veteran, former senator, with all kinds of clout would be the perfect choice. but chuck hagel will have to fight for confirmation. republican chuck hagel has one very important democrat on his side --
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>> i've served with chuck hagel. i know him. he's a patriot. >> reporter: but when news broke that he'd be the pick for secretary of defense, prominent republicans, who would be a part of the confirmation, called him an in-your-face pick. >> it's difficult to imagine a circumstance in which i could support his nomination. >> it's a controversial choice. >> reporter: even conservative groups got in on the fight against hagel. >> chuck hagel is not a responsible option. >> reporter: why is everyone so sour on the former republican senator? last month he had to issue an apology for comments made in 1998 about president clinton's nominee to be ambassador to luxembourg, calling him openly, aggressively gay. in 2007, hagel dared to speak out against the planned troop surge in iraq. >> the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country, since vietnam. >> reporter: and his controversial comments on israel incensed many when he said lawmakers on capitol hill were intimidated by what he called the jewish lobby.
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>> if con foirmd be secretary of defense would be the most antagonistic secretary of defense toward israel in our nation's history. >> reporter: they say hagel is a friend of israel. but hagel's confirmation, george, as you know, is not guaranteed. >> not at all. john brennan, replacing david petraeus, he's been the president's closest adviser on counterterrorism. at the heart of that hunt for osama bin laden. also, likely to face questions about the president's drone warfare program. >> reporter: exactly those kinds of questions and some enhanced interrogation questions. he's very close to the president. he was right there next to obama when osama bin laden was killed. he, of course, replaces david petraeus, because he resigned in the wake of the sex scandal. >> okay, martha raddatz, thank you so much. and, george, now to what is the earliest and most intense
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flu outbreak in a decade. as we told you, 41 states reporting cases. 18 children have died. and the flu season is just getting started. dr. richard besser joins us with what you need to know. good morning, rich. >> good morning. i've been talking to the cdc about this. this outbreak really has them concerned. although the season is early, it's not too late to get some protection from the vaccine. [ child crying ] >> reporter: despite loud objections, these children are arming themselves for the earliest and potentially most intense flu season in a decade. >> i don't want a shot. >> reporter: this morning, the cdc says an alarming 41 states have widespread influenza activity. that's up 25.from just two weeks ago. already 18 children have died. those numbers will continue to rise. >> it's been an epidemic. it's been huge. there have been a lot of admissions from the flu. more than ever. >> reporter: near the great lakes,
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the hardest-hit region, reports that nearly 60% of those checked tested positive for the flu. >> we're seeing 75 to 80 patients day. >> incredibly busy. waiting room full of patients. >> sore throat, cough, headaches, body aches. >> reporter: typical flu seasons don't begin until now, after the holidays. but this year's season started back in october. >> and of course, hearing that number, 18 child deaths. that's so unnerving for parents. you say early treatment is the key? >> that's right. that's absolutely essential. cdc recommends people in the high-risk groups, young children, pregnant women, the elderly, people with medical conditions, they get started on tamiflu early. so, if you're in one of those groups, you want to get care early, because early treatment makes a big difference. this year, the flu virus, no resistance to the drug
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treatment. >> the difference between life and death. >> definitely. let's turn now to josh in miami for the other top stories. josh, good morning. >> good morning to you, amy, and to all of you. we're going to begin here with the price of gas. just as we're getting used to these low prices, they're now making a move in the wrong direction. new figures this morning show that the national average is $3.30. the real concern is what lies ahead. analysts predict prices could rise another 35 cents or more before spring because of the rising costs of crude oil. and we're learning new details this morning about the teenager accused of plotting an attack at his high school in alabama. in a journal found by a teacher, police report that 17-year-old derek shrout outlined plans of setting off homemade grenades. they found containers full of shrapnel at his home and he
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admitted to being a white supremacist. but he claims his journal was merely a work of fiction. and the man accused of gunning down 12 people in the colorado movie theater heads to court this morning for a sort of minitrial. prosecutors will outline their evidence against james holmes. as try to convince the judge that he should stand trial. his lawyers claim he's mentally ill. hundreds of victims' family members and those injured in july's shooting are expected to attend. also this morning, the white house has rejected a new proposal from syrian dictator bashar al assad. in a rare speech sunday, he offered to draw up a new constitution and to begin a peace process to end the civil war in his country that has now claimed more than 60,000 lives. he refused to step down or even negotiate with rebels. the nation's largest banks are reportedly close to striking a deal over foreclosure abuses. 14 banks, including chase, bank
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of america, citigroup, and wells fargo, are expected to agree to a $10 billion settlement. that money will be used to reimburse evicted home oowners d help lower the balances of other struggling homeowners. an invasion off the coast of southern california. squid, giant squid are racing towards shore. look at this. not your typical five-pounders. we're not talking calamari. we're talking babies that are 25 pounds or more. so many, in fact, that the two fishermen that you see here, caught 800 of them, in two boats in just two hours. reportedly, feeding on krill coming in with the tide, which makes me feel not one bit better about it. it certainly makes it hard to argue for a beach vacation in california these days. >> until they clear that up. thank you, josh. we're going to switch gears
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now to that sexual assault case that has rocked a small city in ohio. two steubenville high school football players have been arrested for attacking a 16-year-old girl. now, local police are under fire from protesters who said they slow-walked the case to protect the football program. abc's alex is in steubenville with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, george. authorities say they're handling this case by the book. and still investigating. the controversy here is now stirring emotions across the country. [ chanting ] >> all: we want justice. we want justice. >> reporter: this morning, steubenville, ohio, is under siege. angry protesters here in town and online are demanding justice for a 16-year-old teen who was allegedly sexually assaulted in august by two high school football stars. >> all: shame on you. shame on you. >> reporter: the fresh anger comes after this video was leaked by the internet activist
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group anonymous. >> she's deader than a doornail. >> reporter: it appears to show local teenagers joking about the alleged assault. >> she might have wanted it. >> reporter: another photo circulated by anonymous reportedly shows two of the accused men carrying the alleged unconscious victim. social media is now ablaze with criticism. ajry comments accusing police and local government of slowing down the investigation to protect the high school's by loved football program. the big red, known for winning championships. >> the video and pictures tell the story. horrific is probably the best descriptive word i could use. >> reporter: the town has now launched a new website defending the investigation. and the county prosecutor has asked the state's attorney general to try the case. >> the only thing that we want to do is determine what the
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facts are, what the truth is. >> reporter: and at this point, two 16-year-old football players have been charged. their names made public at a hearing. both trent mays and malik richman have pleaded not guilty. george? >> okay, alex. thanks. that video is so disturbing. >> difficult to watch indeed. now to the latest on the mystery of what happened to fashion mogul vittorio missoni. he and his wife were on a small plane carrying six people that vanished after the coast of south america friday morning. members of his family are hinting that missoni and his fellow passengers may have been kidnapped. abc's matt gutman has the very latest. >> reporter: good morning, amy. that's right. the plane went down along an area that is a well-known drug-smuggling route. reports out of italy this morning, that the family hopes that the plane was hijacked and that is the only chance that the family members might still be alive. this morning, search teams are crisscrossing the caribbean for
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vittorio missoni and his companions. the heir iconic to the italian designer house, known for its e geometric patterns. the 58-year-old, his wife, and four others taking off friday in this tiny plane from the remote but fashionable los roques islands to caracas. it was the middle of the day. suddenly, just a few minutes in, the plane vanishes from the radar. founded in 1953 by his parents, missoni captured the attention of celebrities. with its trademark zig zag designs. the brand has expanding from homeware to hotels. he also spearheaded a push into the biggest market of all, the u.s. the 400-piece missoni line at target sold out almost instantly. crashing target's website. he helped the company bring in about $200 million last year and was scheduled to showcase a new
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collection in milan next sunday. >> it's definitely an incredible loss for the brand if something happened to him. he's been the one credited with making missoni a global empire. >> reporter: there are many missoni family members to fill the gap. morning them, his niece and the young face of the brand. but vittorio's family is holding out hope for a miracle. his son tweeting, please, help us find my father. the search area is expanding. there are now 400 people involved, covering an area about the size of rhode island, hoping to find some trace of that 45-year-old plane. but, by law, they have to keep this search going for four more days. amy? >> we certainly hope the family gets answers soon. let's go back to josh. he's also in miami for tonight's big college championship game. josh, you got notre dame and you got alabama. what an epic rivalry. 25 national championships
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between them. >> in the offing, george, it's a dream matchup both for a network and most of a nation. it is the game everybody wants to see. not surprising then that tickets for tonight's game here at sun life stadium in miami are at a premium. seats going, prepare yourself, for an astonishing $60,000 on stubhub. and that was just yesterday. those prices could be going up. seats in the nosebleeds, almost $1,000 a piece, all to get as close as possible to right here, to this field, for a game for the ages. they are two of college football's most storied programs. blue and gold fighting irish of notre dame. and the alabama crimson tide. both schools steeped in tradition, almost a century in the making. tracing the legacies of knute rockne and bear bryant.
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off the field, theirs is a clash of cultures. pitting north versus south. this summation, catholics versus cousins. others have called it rudy versus forrest gump. notre dame's most famous alum and arguably biggest fan, regis philbin. crimson tide's biggest fan, former alabama quarterback, broadway joe namath. >> for me, as a fan, it's wonderful. for the players, it's got to be a dream come true. to win a championship, to be in position to win a championship. >> reporter: number two, alabama, is looking to win its second straight national title. and its third in four years. >> we're here to win a football game. >> it will be a challenging game. >> reporter: standing in its way, undefeated notre dame, looking for its first national title in a quarter century. and more important, to retake its place among college football's elite. what will it mean for notre dame
7:16 am
if they win? >> it will mean a great deal to the students. because the students identify their years in school by where they finished in football. >> reporter: it's a mammoth production for hundreds of espn's staffers, including the senior producer, in charge of it all. for you, personally, this game, what does it mean to you? >> just to be part of a huge team, to see the payoff, it's awesome. it's why you do it. >> reporter: that was my friend, lee fitting. in talking to him and other executives here yesterday, they made it clear -- what happens here tonight will be nothing less than the biggest event in the history of espn. they expect it to be the most watched program in cable television history. it is fair to say, a nation, guys, is ready for some football. >> no question about it. josh, both teams have armies of
7:17 am
fans behind them all across the country. >> yeah, it's interesting, as i traveled here from new york city with something of a metaphor for the game. i looked around jfk and thought, wow, notre dame is really traveling well. from the north, coming from the big cities. but then, when we got down here, it seems like the entire city of tuscaloosa has relocated. the entire state of alabama is here. i tell you what. they are ready. the hype is done. let's play football. it's going to be a spectacular night. >> and that is all on espn tonight. we want to switch to sam. he's on the big screen with you right over there. sam, welcome back, first of all, from your honeymoon. hope you're enjoying las vegas. give us some weather. >> thank you, thank you. by the way, george, it's so much fun in vegas. it may be morning in most of the country. we can't tell if it's morning or night here at the planet hollywood. i may or may not be able to
7:18 am
confirm the team weather may or may not have won $2 since we have been on the air. let's get to the boards. if you're tired of colder temperatures, a four-day january thaw through a good part of the country. watch these numbers go up. new york city, 52 on wednesday. chicago, you're going to 48 by the time we get to thursday. denver, 60 degrees on wednesday. we'll watch this storm move out of the southwest. it will become a player.
7:19 am
and coming up on "gma," preacher under fire. why prosecutors are saying this two-time widower and father of three murdered his wives. and close encounter caught on tape. with an enormous polar bear. why this daredevil went face to face with one of the most powerful beasts on the planet. and honey boo-boo's mom is making news for what she's doing with the family's money. we'll explain coming up on "gma." [ ariel ] my mother was never into our coffee at all.
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>> now from abc7 news. >> good morning. i am kristen sze with an update from a story we brought this morning. initial reports indicated there could have been a structure fire near interstate 80 in the berkley -- berkeley fire but it is believe steam released from a business was smoke and that is what the drivers saw. now, this morning on the
7:24 am
roadways, we go to the traffic center. >> kristen, we have heavy fog and slow traffic back to normal monday morning commute from novato and marin area, and south 101 toll lights are on, 45 from the pass and dublin interchange and 30 minutes to this bridge. >> mike nicco will talk
7:25 am
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>> welcome back. check out the beautiful sunrise this morning. you can see the fog is hanging around and the high clouds will be with us better part of the day. the high clouds came in and stopped the temperatures from drop will because we have thick fog around san jose and livermore and the temperatures we are flirting with freezing in napa with black ice still an issue or possibly an issue. this afternoon, we will be in the mid-to-upper 50's and warmer, even, tomorrow.
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7:29 am
ain't no one to bring home the crown but me, honey boo-boo child. >> honey boo-boo child. america's most famous reality star. she's back on the air. got back on last night. her mom is making headlines, as well, right now, because of what she's doing with all the money the family is making. it's very smart. we hope she keeps to it. good morning, america. josh down in miami, sam out in las vegas. he'll be a judge at the miss america pageant. welcome back to amy robach, right here. >> thank you. also ahead, a pastor accused of a deadly crime. why prosecutors are saying this father of three and two-time widower actually murdered his wives. and check out this close encounter caught on tape. the up-close look at the polar bear.
7:30 am
the bear did not give up for more than an hour. >> i don't think he was looking for a friendly chat. >> no. it's compelling video. also, mariah carey is opening up to barbara walters about her twins and what is going on behind the scenes at "american idol." we have heard the rumors. now you'll hear from mariah herself. as she reveals never-before-seen home video as well. but let's get right now to the pennsylvania preacher charged with murdering his two wives. jury selection in the trial of arthur schirmer begins today. >> reporter: a veteran pastor, husband, father of three. 64-year-old arthur schirmer was an upstanding member of this rural pennsylvania community. at least that's how it appeared. >> my parents adored him. i knew there was something strange about him. >> reporter: tragedy seemed to follow him. his first wife, jewel, died back in 1999. he told investigators she fell down a flight of stairs.
7:31 am
then, in 2008, his second wife, betty jean, died after a car accident. he claims he crashed after swerving to avoid a deer. his wife wasn't wearing a seat belt and sustained severe head trauma. but this morning, prosecutors are saying this morning that this two-time widower is a two-time murderer. after reexamining the crash scene in 2010, investigators determined that the car was going less than 25 miles per hour at the time of the crash, too slow to cause betty jean's injuries. and they found her dried blood in schirmer's garage, indicating she was injured before she got into the car. that prompted an investigation into the death of his first wife. >> we're going to investigate. >> reporter: investigators used crash test dummies. the results didn't match up to schirmer's story. >> we have filed charges.
7:32 am
>> reporter: he says he's innocent in both cases. >> the family would like to just be a family. it's been difficult. they do support mr. schirmer. >> reporter: for "good morning america," john schriffen, abc news, new york. >> dan abrams here. two wives dead. hard not to think of drew peterson. >> the illinois police sergeant who was not investigated for his third wife's death until his fourth wife, stacy peterson, went missing. here, you have a case, he was not being investigated here until a suicide happened at his office, the husband of someone he was allegedly having an affair with. they say, hmm, that's odd. they begin looking into his wife's death. charges are filed. then the investigation into the first wife's death. >> he says it's a coincidence. the family is standing by him.
7:33 am
>> that's unusual. he's got the three children are supporting him. as the evidence comes out, will they still believe that? but, look, in a lot of these cases, the family members, simply unwilling or unable to believe that a parent, for example, could have done it. >> they're not going for the death penalty. >> not that surprising. you'll have two trials here. two different cases. so, you're talking about the possibility of up to life in prison. >> okay, dan abrams. thank you very much. now to a daredevil wildlife photographer and stunning video of his encounter with a polar bear. abc's dan harris has the story. >> trying to see if she can get through it, bite through it. >> reporter: a face-to-face encounter with a 1,000-pound, eight foot tall polar bear.
7:34 am
wildlife photographer gordon buchanan came to norway to see the polar bears. but he came much closer than he ever planned. >> she's coming closer and closer. oh, my god. she's enormous. she's -- >> reporter: he's inside what he calls his ice cube. the on-ice version of a shark cage. he's only equipped with his cameras. >> it's gathering information before it approaches. my scent is strongest at the weakest point, the door. >> reporter: paw raised, the bear smashes against the enclosure, trying to claw his way in for 40 minutes. >> an appreciation for what this animal is. one of the most powerful animals on the planet. one of the most intimidating animals on the planet. one of the few animals that actually see us as food. >> reporter: food the bear is determined to get to.
7:35 am
>> you can sniff me. >> reporter: a dangerous encounter that he's lucky to have survived. >> it was one of the most terrifying things that i have ever done, and i did it intentionally. >> reporter: he says this close-up was worth the close call. >> a strange mix of terror and comedy. it felt like a stupid thing to do. but it was incredible. >> reporter: for "good morning america," dan harris, abc news, new york. >> not a lot of food up there. you can see more footage in "the polar bear family and me," a three-part series that begins tonight on the bbc. that was a brave man indeed. >> did you say and me or and meat? >> exactly. exactly. >> hard to take your eyes off the video. also hard to take our eyes off of sam champion out in las vegas today. >> good morning, gang. by the way, it's state of mind here in las vegas. it may be the first town i have
7:36 am
ever been in where i have no idea what the weather is like outside. i haven't been outside in three or four days. we're in the planet hollywood today. it's the home of the miss america pageant this saturday. how about some snow pictures out of blue canyon, california? this is where the snow is. this fresh hit is even more. that's a gorgeous picture. there is a little shift in the pattern. we have a three-day dryer into the southwest here. we think, by the way, when the storm pulls out, you'll get to 70 tuesday and wednesday from l.a. all the way into san diego. that's a good thing. phoenix is warming up. so is las vegas. it's been a little chilly here. this will bring heavy rain. once it drops into mexico and comes back into texas. so, be prepared, this
7:37 am
>> and we are live in las vegas where i don't think we're going to sleep for the entire rest of the week, gang. and team weather may or may not -- may or may not have won $2. i cannot confirm. >> you're so wild, sam champion. >> a whole two bucks. honey boo-boo is making a lot more than $2. wait until you hear what her mother is doing with the family's money. also ahead, inside teen shaming. is your teenager at risk? is your teenager at risk? how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours?
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back now at 7:41 with america's biggest reality star right now, of course i'm talking about honey boo-boo. her mom is making headlines with what she's doing with all the money the family is making from the hit reality series. take a look. ♪ >> i'm going get mama. >> reporter: "here comes honey boo-boo" following the life of a child beauty queen. returned sunday night. >> this ain't funny anymore. >> reporter: and a newly blond mama june. she's not just sexy. she's also shrewd. the georgia matriarch telling
7:42 am
tmz the money is being split into trust funds for her four daughters opinion money the girls can't touch until they turn 21, except to pay for school. >> we have a 50-cent off coupon and double to it $1. >> reporter: she says she's never going to live above her means. >> i don't want ten years down the road, alanna or any of the kids to be -- kids to be thinking, oh, my god, i have nothing to show for it. >> these shows don't last forever. they're being smart with the money. hopefully they're investing or keeping the money in the bank. >> you better red-neck-ognize. >> reporter: while 7-year-old alanna, now known as -- >> honey boo-boo child. >> reporter: she wants to keep
7:43 am
her family grounded. the biggest purchase since hollywood came knocking, a 2505 ford expedition. >> as a mom, i try to teach them good habits. >> reporter: while all of their habits may not be good, it's the love that keeps people tuning in. >> it's a real, nuclear family. there's something heartening about the show. you come for the train wreck and stay for the heart. >> you can see honey boo now. the show premeerd last night. lots of fans out there. getting financial wisdom from mama june. coming up, barbara walters' interview with mariah carey. and then a special "play of the day." josh is in miami, next. ♪ some ♪ i get a good feeling ♪ yeah ♪ get a feeling that i never, never, never, never had before ♪
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and the active ingredient relieves your cough. right then, here's "the play of the day." >> and back now in miami with
7:48 am
"the play of the day." great story about a alabama superfan whose dream is coming true tonight. for more, let's go me on my couch. thanks, josh. perhaps you remember as we arrived to title game monday. great chat we had a few weeks ago. a special christmas gift unwrapped, all leading us right here. [ laughter ] >> he's going to cry. now he's laughing. [ laughter ] >> hope it's a good seat. >> let me say, they're in the stadium. >> holy moly! >> i can guarantee you, they'll be in the stadium. for now, donald and daniel buchanan good enough to join me here on the deluxe "play of the day" couch on miami beach. you made it. >> we made it.
7:49 am
>> merry christmas to you, pop. >> thank you. a tremendous christmas. one for the memories. >> you turn the hat over. there's that moment. was it as good as it looked? >> absolutely. it was better than what's on the video. i saw the bcs logo on the ticket. i knew immediately what daniel had done for me. >> you wanted to do this. the stars were able to align right now. sports are something our parents share with us. it's such a beautiful thing to be able to give back like you did in that moment. >> i grew up as a bama fan all because of him. we have been going to bama home games for almost 20 years. he's done a lot more mfor me. to have the opportunity to give him this ticket is amazing. >> i talked to my friends at espn. they said if they could have
7:50 am
started in the season, picked two teams, this would be it. how do you see it playing out tonight? >> if bama plays the way they're capable of playing, we should be okay. >> and you'll have your dad in the audience next to you. thank you somewhere sharing this. >> merry christmas to everybody. >> thank you, josh. >> josh, back to you. more "gma" and mariah carey from miami and parts north. go nowhere. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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>> now from abc7 news. >> good morning, i am kristen sze the california state legislature begins a new session starting the new year with supermajorities for the democrats in the senate and assembly. the governor will set the stage on thursday when he proposes the budget for the fiscal year. >> foggy out there, you might say. and now, mike nicco? >> we have the latest visibility , thickest around the east bay valley. we are mostly in the 30's and a few 40's on way to 50's and near 60 this afternoon. >> speaking of fog, what you can see of the san mateo bridge eastbound we had an accident at toll plaza but very thick fog.
7:56 am
south 880 at 92 an accident just cleared from the right lane. kristen? >> the news co
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] nice crowd out there in times square if morning. check out the models inside. >> who, us? >> of course. and the cast of dozens upstairs. this is all paraof our jumpstart january megaevent. happy monday to robin at home. welcome back, amy. >> thank you so much. josh is in miami tonight for the football game tonight. sam is in las vegas. getting ready to judge the miss america competition. sam looks lonely compared to josh. >> sam? >> there you are. >> he's got his iphone. >> so not fair. so not fair. >> you have a good gig, too,
8:00 am
sam. judging miss america is a huge honor. america is counting on you. >> i just wanted to say to sam as well, miami sends its best. i'm sure it's just as toasty warm in vegas as it is here. my best from bama and notre dame. >> i sense some gloating from josh. also, fellas, we're going to jump start your january all week long. today, the secrets of the supermodels. victoria's secret angel, here to give us their supermodel secret of the day. now work it in heels like a supermodel. can't wait for that. and crystal renn will show us insider tips to look your best all week long. teen shaming. we'll go inside the trend. give you advice every parent
8:01 am
needs to know. and mariah carey opens up to barbara walters about what is going on behind the scenes of "american idol." her twins, two of the cutest children ever. some never-before-seen video as well. lets get the news from josh in miami. >> all right, george. good morning to you and to all of you. we begin with the next big battle in washington. today, president obama is expected to nominate former nebraska senator chuck hagel, a republican, as his next defense secretary. his views on iran, iraq, and a previous comment about a gay ambassador make him controversial. also today, john brennan is expected to be nominated to the head of the cia. and in colorado, prosecutors plan to outline their case today against james holmes, the man
8:02 am
accused of the shooting rampage in the movie theater in july. that hearing could last all week. and the most intense and earliest flu outbreak in a decade is spreading this morning. 41 states are reporting widespread flu cases, 25% more than just two weeks ago. 18 children have already died. and the season is far from over. again, doctors say the best defense is a flu shot. and actress lindsay lohan is due in court node new york in connection with a nightclub brawl in november. her mother, dina, opened up to "the new york daily news" says her troubled marriage and the spousal abuse she's endured are partly to blame for why her daughter is quote, so messed up, end quote. apparently, he worries like any other dad or
8:03 am
grandfather-to-be. prince charles expressed concerns about the safety of prince harry, serving in afghanistan. >> if you're a parent, the person you love is away in these incredible le dangerous and challenging things, you, i know you worry all the time. certainly every night, when i go to bed, i worry. >> oh. >> and charles also shared his thoughts on climate charngs saying he doesn't want his future grandchild to ask him one day why he failed to do something about it. hear, hear, prince charles. i want to say come on in here again. if the staredown, the pre-dawn staredown between the cheerleaders says anything about what we're going to see tonight, they showed up, they're like, yeah, what's up, yeah, i'm ready, i'm ready. who's ready? who's going to get it done everybody?
8:04 am
i tell you what, it's a-brewing down here. >> all day long. >> he's just riling them right up. look at you, josh. cannot wait for the big game. right now, important business for you, "pop news" everybody. good morning, we begin with matthew mcconaughey. he has reason to celebrate this morning. the star won a big award over the week end, as i predicted. best supporting actor from the national society of film critics for his work in the films, "bernie" and "magic mike." we' the academy award nominations will be here on thursday. >> what are you going to do if he gets nominated for an oscar? >> i'm going to celebrate. is miley cyrus married woman, everybody? the 20-year-old star showing off a ring that looks kind of like a
8:05 am
wedding ring. it's the new picture posted on twitter. a diamond band sparking rupers that miley may have secretly tied the knot with liam hemsworth who was also spotted wearing a band on his ring finger. >> pretty undeniable there. >> we wish the happy cup tl best, no matter what. they have legs. they seem to be going the distance, we hope. josh is at the big b -- bcs, right? the bcs fashl championship for us. that's not the only big game set to happen. tonight's ninth annual puppy bowl. 63 pups will participate. they need homes. all from shelters and rescue organizations from across the nation. the blitzing beaglie ins taking
8:06 am
terriers. we'll have a prepuppy bowl here. george and i could very likely be going home with new dogs. >> another one. >> what's another one. it's all good. finally, a little pop quiz for you all. which global superstar sent out this mysterious message overnight. it's the truth. yep, i'm coming. >> oh, i know that one. now we have to get to sam in las vegas. he's there with the weather and getting ready to judge miss america. >> there's always musing playing in here. you don't know whether it's day or night. i love this place. i love this place. planet hollywood is the home for the miss america pageant. easy to find on saturday night. we'll crown the 92nd miss america. there's a lot of things, but only one miss america. we want to talk about these things.
8:07 am
the stationary front in the southeast, bringing plenty of showers and thunder shower activity. it's not stopped josh from tweeting me pictures from the beach since the moment he got there. it's 80 in miami, barely 50 in vegas today. this system in the northwest will bring rain and mid elevation snow. it doesn't leave until, like, midweek. a soggy tie me in the northwest. rain picks up in texas tomorrow. it covers everybody up with rain during the day tomorrow.
8:08 am
>> we're live in las vegas, we have mo cheerleaders. let me tell you, we got folks up day and night. i may or may not be able to report that team weather may or may not have lost the $2 they may have been up earlier. >> sam, you might have a problem. we can't wait to talk to you about being a miss america later in the show. also coming up, teen shaming. could your child be the target of the latest online trend. and mariah carey is with us talking to barbara walters about what it's like to be a judge on "american idol."
8:09 am
and crystal renn jump starting our january. getting your only supermodel style? all coming up on "gma" right here in times square. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
8:10 am
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the power of weight watchers completely online. ( ♪ ) for those nights when it's more than a bad dream, be ready. for the days when you get a sudden call from the school, be ready. for the times you need to double-check the temperature on the thermometer, be ready. when you have children's motrin on hand, you're ready. for high fever, nothing works faster or lasts longer than children's motrin. be ready with children's motrin. ♪ it started with a whisper we're back with the answer to today's pop quiz. which global superstar sent out this message overnight? it's the truth, yup, i'm coming. there her is, brad pitt. he sent it out on china's version of twitter. it's been forwarded more than 30,000 times. he had been banned from china
8:14 am
because of his role in 1997's "seven years in tibet." getting to the latest video trend, teen shaming. what do parents need to know about the taunting and their teens? abc's abbie boudreau has the story. >> reporter: it may seem like a harmless facebook page. they offer advice to each other. websites, facebook pages like, hey, girls, did you know? and photos like these have exploded into a viral copy cat sensation come are calling teen shaming. >> girls take raunchy pictures of themselves. and that repost them. >> reporter: the photos may look generic and funny. the teasing is a new form of cyber bullying. well aware that they're being
8:15 am
ridiculed. >> everyone thinks they can do anything they feel like doing online. they can't. free speech has limited. if you defame somebody, harass somebody, target them. that may be against the law. >> reporter: dr. logan levkoft says until parents step in, teens will continue to do it. >> it's our spornt to teach young people to not judge anyone else. >> you have your own insecurities that you're dealing with. so you take them out on other people. >> reporter: while many continue to post the altered taunting images. others are creating new science of support from teens who believe there is nothing to be ashamed of. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> thank you, abbie. back now with barbara walters, bringing us the latest interview with ma ryey carey.
8:16 am
so much going on with her. >> there's a lot. i'm not a hollywood reporter. i have known her for years. i will bring you up to date on this saga. okay. mariah expected to be the only female judge on "american idol." which starts itse 12th season. text thing she knew, nicki minaj was added as a judge. they had an argument. mariah said she felt threatened. i talked to her on the phone. i reported it on "the view." i went to her apartment for catchup. here we go. ♪ >> reporter: this is how we're used to seeing mariah carey. belting out her music with a voice of staggering power and range. ♪ you're my own everybody >> reporter: but starting next week, she will be judging the singers instead of being the singer. as a new member of "american
8:17 am
idol." >> my personal, little tiny opinion. >> reporter: her star power didn't come cheap. the rumor is that you have been paid $18 million a season. am i in the ballpark? >> think we're in the ballpark. but, you know, that's -- i can't talk about it. >> reporter: that will do it for me. we're in the ballpark. >> yes, we're in the ballpark. >> reporter: congratulations. it's not just her salary drawing attention these days. it's her relationship with fellow judge nicki minaj. [ bleep ]. >> she is the star. >> reporter: tmz released this video of a heated argument. after the cameras were off, mariah claims others heard nicki go further. when she walked off the set, multiple people heard her say, if i had a gun i would shoot
8:18 am
that [ bleep ]. did you take what she said seriously? >> it felt like an unsafe work environment. anytime anybody's reeling threats at somebody, you know, that's just -- it's not appropriate, sitting there on the road with two babies, i'm not going take any chances. yeah, i did hire more security. >> reporter: nicki minaj has denied saying anything about a gun. we asked her for a comment. her representative said, she said what she's saying on the topic. >> reporter: these days, her life is all about being mom to her well-dressed, 20-month-old twins. the girl, named monroe. >> i call her miss monroe. that dictated her american nalty. she's a total diva. fascinated by jewelry, chandeliers.
8:19 am
all these things. >> reporter: and a little boy named moroccan. >> we call him roc. he's just great fun. nick is great with the kids. >> reporter: nick is nick cannon, mariah's husband of four years. the twins first birthday was celebrated with a family trip to paris. where the power couple renewed their vows on the eiffel tower. this video has never been seen before. >> i absolutely do. >> yeah. >> reporter: you renew your vows every year. >> who else would do that? he's just as festive as i am. i'm very, very festive. he kind of almost trumps me there. >> i do! >> reporter: for now, she's trying to stay close to home to spend quality time with the twins. and she says, she and nicki minaj have made up. we will get to see if that's
8:20 am
true next week when "i doll" starts. >> it's a great show. it's about the contestants. i've been blessed to live my dream more than half my life. i want to give that back to someone else. >> reporter: and $18 million. go inside and ask for a raise. don't sit here with me. >> she says they've made up. this disagreement was real. you see it on her face. >> and they have made up. they're going to be sitting on different sides of the panel. one on this end and one on the other. in way, it makes the show more intriguing. even though it makes her uncomfortable. >> maybe more fireworks to come. >> it would be good for the show, wouldn't it? you want to have a fight? >> go to it. a lot more of the interview tonight on "nightline." >> it's time to jump-start our january, everybody.
8:21 am
we're doing it this week with secrets of the supermodels. this is our "gma" big event. we're kicking off with style secrets from supermodel crystal renn. linsey davis went shopping with the beauty to learn now look your best right now. take a look. >> reporter: when you're stalking the catwalks of milan and gracing the covers of magazine, it pays to have fashion sense. >> you can do something with boots. this is an ideal piece. very easy, goes with anything. >> reporter: at a bloomingdale's in new york, she agreed to let us in on a few tricks of the trade. what would you say are the staple things every woman should have? >> everyone should have, absolutely number one, a good bag. you make the entire outfit designer. >> reporter: if you were to walk a mile in the type call shooup model shoes, you would likely do
8:22 am
it in stilettos. >> you need very, very high shoes. you think it's just my legs. the truth is, six inches underneath. >> reporter: you don't have to sport deep pockets. >> we have the major trend. go right to the men's section. you'll find cheaper cashmere there. >> reporter: the one basic that transitions from drab to fab? >> i love a strong structured plazer for curvy women. >> reporter: the outfit she hand-picked for me. am i a supermodel or what? she kept it simple and supercomfy? >> you would take the hand, deep in the pockets, start to do the shrug? >> reporter: for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> we're happy to have crystal
8:23 am
on the runway here. even supermodels need tricks sometimes? >> they always have the secrets. that's how they book the job. >> you're wearing one right now that everyone can incorporate. >> if you want long leg, wear long jeans. hide your six-inch heels underneath. >> get a long pant you could never wear with flats. almost a bit of a bell-bottom, instantly, your legs grow. >> looks like you have very long legs. >> we're having a fashion show incorporating your tips. the first mold is berry. what are we seeing here? >> what is on berry that is so special is this is bought in the men's section. and think women everywhere should not be afraid of the men's section. the sizing is great. you have more options. look at the great shoulders. the satin touch. and the fantastic shoes. the whole look. >> it's the boyfriend jacket
8:24 am
with the sleeves rolled up, makes your legs look longer. >> i love that you can find all sizes and cuts in the men's section. >> and the shoulder pads make your waist look smaller. >> you want to add angles in the jacket. >> here we go. thank you so much. next up, we have gisele. >> you know those days you want to look chic and you feel completely tired? you get a leather sweatpant, superchic and always fantastic. >> it's relaxed yet fabulous. >> and she's comfortable. that's the most important thing. >> there you go. leather sweatpants, everybody. finally, alexa. >> i love that she has her -- very, very tall shoes on and that is the most important thing for a supermodel to wear. girls out there, practice in your shoes.
8:25 am
it's so important. >> you have to suffer a little bit to look great in the new year. heels are in? >> absolutely. go in your hallway and practice. give it a go. if you can do it in the hallway, you can do it on the street. >> the hallway is your runway. >> the hallway is your runway. get more on on yahoo!. coming up, as if this wasn't gorgeous enough. victoria's secret angels revealing their secrets. what happens in vegas isn't staying there. we'll tell you more coming up.
8:26 am
>> now from abc7 news. >> good morning, i am kristen sze. the mother of a young girl who has been missing, is looking to find if a bone fragment is looking to find the mystery of her disappearance. she vanished from outside a grocery store in november of 1998. the f.b.i. is holding a news conference at 10:00 to provide an update regarding future excavation of a well site. her mother has been waiting for d.n.a. test on a bone fragment where searry am killers buried victims around the time she vanished. >> big problems with the trains. what is happening? >> we have a capital corridor delay, when a pedestrian was hit by a train at fremont, train 523. we have a lasting -- lot of fogn
8:27 am
the san mateo bridge and expect delays. >> thank you. the dense fog will be
8:28 am
>> and check where the fog is thickested less than a quarter mile visibility in livermore and san mateo. above freezing with a lot of 30's and mid-40's and on the way to mid-to-upper 50's. tonight is in the 40's. a few 30's inland but no freezing fog. we have
8:29 am
[ cheers and applause ] look at the models in our runway right here on times square this morning. a whole lot of excitement. we're covering every hot spot in america this morning. we have josh down in miami for tonight's big game. big college football championship. there he is right now. who is behind him? cheerleaders. and we have sam in vegas. where he'll be judging miss america. >> josh is pulling out all the stops. it's a bit of competition between him and sam. >> sam, come on. sam's got 20 minutes to get this all together. >> you had a great weekend. you can't wait to show everybody everything you did bethibd scenes. >> i'm excited.
8:30 am
sam has a lot to learn about judging, choosing miss america. >> we do what we can. we're a team. we're jump-start your january. here are angels erin and lindsey with our supermodel secret of the day. all right. they're going to teach us now walk in heels. what is the trick, ladies. >> whether you're on the runway, the streets, or the beach, keep your core engage papd lot of women work all day in heels. keep your shoulders up. >> it's confidence. >> it's all about confidence. as long as you're confident, you can own it. just keep your shoulders back,
8:31 am
stomach engaged. you'll look good, feel good. >> they're going to show us. >> i know that's difficult to look at, george. you have to. >> shoulders back, core engaged. just own it. >> looks so easy. >> whoo! >> she owns it, all right. and i won. i won. thank you, ladies. more coming up from them. and three more days until the oscar nominations are revealed live. we can reveal that oscar host seth mcfarlane will be joined by emma stone for the announcements thursday morning. and one of the guys getting oscar buzz, ben affleck, one of my favorite movies of the year, he'll be live here tomorrow. now we want to go back to miami and josh. >> by the way, thank you for
8:32 am
scheduling supermodel monday the same day as this game when i'm thousands of miles to the south. speak of tonight games, expected to be the most watched college football game in the sport's history. it's drawing people from around the country. they'll will huddling around television sets and perhaps here in sun life stadium in miami. it will be as ever increasingly a gender nonspecific crowd. many people think of college football as the ultimate boys' club. some of the fans are increasingly women. take a look. they are two of the most important programs in college sports. with equally enormous rabid fan bases. all manner of sporting americana rich with stereo types will be on display. let go of the cliche of the boys' club. among the 100,000 or more who flooded south beech this
8:33 am
weekend, meet two women, some of the most outspoken superfans here. >> we bleed blue and gold. >> reporter: molly's father, a former halfback for notre dame. >> my dad played football for notre dame. my grandfather played for knute rockne. >> reporter: for her, football is more than game. it's a tradition. a way of life. >> notre dame is about family. friendship. faith. it's that community that unites us and sustains us. that's why there's such a great following. >> reporter: janice bleeds football, too. hers runs alabama crimson. her father played for the tide. she's one of four generations of family who have attended the university. >> i've loved football all my life. not just because my dad was an all-american and i was raised in it. it's just an awesome sport. a good way for us all to come together.
8:34 am
>> reporter: the only thing they disagree upon who will hoist the coveted trophy. >> go irish! >> roll, tide! >> and you can watch tig best of all games tonight on espn, full coverage beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern. do not miss a moment of it. and now, boy, this is a toss i've waited for all week long. my dear friend, samuel j. champion in brisk las vegas this morning. sam, miami sends its very best, my friend. >> i know it does, josh. i can see every bit of you enjoying every moment of your time in miami. i just want to point out to america, though, that josh did not have to do every interview for the entire thing on the beach. why? it's a football game. why was every interview done on the beach, josh?
8:35 am
>> because the beach is available, sam. why not bring it to the people? you know? why not? >> yeah, okay. >> and if one of us had to be here, sam, i'm glad it was me. >> yeah, me, too, josh. by the way, we're here, thank you, josh elliott abc on the twitter. at miss america, by the way, the largest provider of scholarship assistance for young women. last year, they put in $45 million in cash? scholarship assistance for young women. it's amazing. the twitter and facebook pictures. how about this shot from las vegas, and then this one fwr josh elliott abc miami where it's in the 80s today. tough to compare. they're great cities. the january thaw from denver to new york city today and most of the country, most of the country is warming up over the next couple of days. we
8:36 am
>> all of america's weather was brought to you by children's motrin. by the way, amy, just so you know, we could have had a lot of behind h-scenes things leer in las vegas. but as everybody nose, what happens the vegas stays -- >> stays in vegas. good point, sam. we know we can trust you with the secrets. we're so excited to have busy philipps here. you drink a lot of wine on the show "cougar town." these are filled with grape just. we'll get to that in a moment.
8:37 am
next season, a lot of things happening. among them, maybe a familiar face to the "gma" fans. >> we had amazing guest star this is year. one of my favorite, by far, george's wife, ali wentworth. an amazing turn as our neighbor, bob's new girlfriend who is a little cuckoo. >> she knows now have great time. >> it's rare for people to come in and crack me up so thartd i am unable to continue my lines. that was ali and i ever take. >> what is it like playing laurie? she's cokooky as well. >> i'm a mom, i get to go to work every day and put on these tight clothes. i'm really more conservative. i get to put on the tight clothes, ridiculous hair and makeup. >> your clothes have gotten tirgt because, we should say,
8:38 am
you're expecting again. >> thanks. >> you can't tell. >> it's always a battle. yeah, i'm having a baby. another one. >> i know your resolution is to let yourself be nice to you about your own body and how you feel about it. i think that's something we can all do. >> it's hard to give yourself break. it's great to be healthy. you have to set a good example for your kids and know it's not about a number on a scale. it's about how you feel. >> wise words there. we want a little insight into busy. we're going ask you a quick series of question. so busy or not busy. bakes and kax. >> so busy. >> delivers first baby without pain medication. >> so busy. >> so not amy, by the way. big plan fan of flea markets. >> so not busy. >> love the way i laugh? >> no, not really. i love the way you laugh. i don't love the way i laugh. so not busy.
8:39 am
>> real-life barbie at a toy far? >> so busy. >> you look like real-life barbie now. >> thank you. coming up, what happens tin vegas, according to sam, it's not staying there. we'll tell y
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
welcome back to "good morning america." we are live in las vegas. ladies and gentlemen. it's the home, by the way, of the 2013 miss america pageant. saturday on abc. there are 53 gorgeous, smart women vying for that title. that crown. there are a lot of things on this planet. but there's only one miss america. it was impossible for me to do this alone. i needed the help of lara spencer who has been a judge before. i don't know much about vegas. i needed help from cheryl burke
8:43 am
as well. here's how that went down. arrival, las vegas, nevada. that says vip right there. heading to my home for the next week, the planet hollywood, as a judge for the miss america pageant. i need advice. who do i call? hey, lara spencer. >> are you ready. >> she's in las vegas shooting an abc/"20/20" special and was head judge for the contest last year. >> we don't have a lot of time. you have a lot to learn. >> reporter: first off, a sneak peek at rehe isles. the contestants are hard at work. i can do this. i wican do this. then lara's off. i'm on my own. this is vegas. it can't be all work. it has to be a little fun. fellow judge, "dancing with the stars" pro cheryl burke and i
8:44 am
get to work. >> hopefully, we can go backstage and meet everybody. >> maybe they'll let us play. ka is the spectacular cirque du soleil show. it looks terrifying. death-defying. of course, i had to try it. >> you're in great hands. >> okay, good. >> it's the coolest ing ever. but i'm more nervous than anything i have done. there's more to vegas than going the theater. where are we going now? >> the bellagio. >> reporter: an eight-acre fountain. 22 million gallons of water are launched in a display of up to 30 different songs. wonder how the vongs pick snd you have to take a secret passage way up this richty ladder. only six people at the casino
8:45 am
are aloud into the room to control the fountain. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: and it's magic. the view from above. now the view from below. even better. and then we're off again. cheryl says in vegas -- >> welcome to the marquee. >> reporter: -- there's always one more stop. when you're on the dance floor, you realize, vegas really doesn't sleep. there was so much to show you about vegas. we just didn't have time to show you everything we managed to do. i'm having the best time in the world. this is a difficult thing, though. it goes every day, all day. today, we do the interviews with the contestants. >> that is probably the most important. you want to listen to the answers because you want to find the girl that is real and a real representation of america. it's a big job, sam. we're counting on you. >> and lara, you have a special as well, saturday night, just before the pageant as well.
8:46 am
right? >> we've been following he's girls for months from the local pageants -- it's sort of a documentary. the road to miss america, if you will. i have met a lot of the girls. you really can't go wrong. 53 of the loveliest young ladies i have met. >> we'll take you through the process online. coming up, how do you throw an elegant dinner party without breaking the bank? all that ahead on "good morning america."
8:47 am
8:48 am
well, she is the real housewife of beverly hills, famous for her dinner parties. now lisa vanderpump is revealing her entertaining secrets in a new book, called "simply divine." she's here with us in the studio.
8:49 am
welcome. and giggy is in the house, everybody. he's on l.a. time. >> he's sleepy. >> you have created a gorgeous spread. this is an example of the things you do in your book. how do you do something so elegant and also enjoy the party? >> i wrote the book to take the stress out of entertaining. so many people are intimidated by it. you don't have to cook when your guests are there. it's all about preparation. doing stuff beforehand. >> this does not look like a bargain dinner party. >> it's so simple, bus it's divine. we have the shepherd's pie there. your man will fall in love with you. >> what is it? >> i make it with beef, potatoes and corn around karnts. it's like a complete meal in one. >> it's comfort food. >> close to lingerie. >> you're right.
8:50 am
>> then, we have a soup here. i like to make homemade soup. you can make it beforehand. you can design your own. pass the tray around, you can add creme fraiche or croutons or chili flakes. people like that. >> it's about making it personal. you know how to do it in your home but at your incredible restaurant, sur, the star in the new show. >> the new show, vanderpump rules, which airs tonight. things like the votives and the petals. it makes everything sexy. this show tonight, "vanderpump rules" is not about chopping onions. it's not about the food as much as the dynamics between the staff and the hot mess. >> the hot mess. no relation to the food.
8:51 am
>> better than "real housewives "? >> i have to rein them in. >> do we get a sighting of giggy? >> giggy is in the title. >> check out "vanderpump rules" and check out us. we'l
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
and before we say good-bye, a quick look ahead at the new season of "bachelor." that starts tonight. the lucky man at the center of it all is here right now, sean lowe. >> are you lucky? >> i think i'm lucky. it was a great experience. it was exhausting. i wouldn't trade it. >> you watch "the bachelor." you wonder, it's the best of times and the worst of times. all these fabulous women. then, one day after another, you have to make an attachment and make a choice. >> with cameras rolling. >> my guy friends say, you're the luckiest man the world. dating 25 women is tough. very tough. >> overwhelming to say the least. >> you decided to come back for more. we saw the heart break last year
8:55 am
on "the bachelorette." >> they asked me to be the bachelor, i said, i have to think about. my feelings for emily were real. i thought i deserved to give it another try. >> thank you for coming in. we'll see you all tomorrow. ben affleck will be here tomorrow. watch josh tonight live on espn. >> thank you victoria's secret angels. when you have diabetes...
8:56 am
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your doctor will say get smart about your weight. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. thhat digest slowly that's why there's with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes.
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>> now, from abc7 news, good morning, everyone. a san francisco woman is being treated at st. francis hospital for serious burns after an attack involving her boyfriend. police are searching if this man, 22-year-old dexter oliver. he and the 25-year-old starr lamare got into an argument in the bayview district yesterday. it is believed he doused starr lamare with gasoline and set her on fire. >> the forecast now with mike nicco, still very foggy. >> but all three airports are on time. black ice is less of a problem. we will be in the mid-to-upper 50's under high clouds and sunshine and showers wednesday and thursday. >> we have a major capital corridor delay because of a pedestrian that was hit. a shot from early, hit on the track between hayward and fremont south of jackson. to all trains system wide for capital corridor expect delays. other problem spot is the san
8:59 am
mateo bridge with an early accident now announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, she's one of our favorite people, the one and only betty white. and, he's looking for love. from "the bachelor," sean lowe. and ready for "live's" kick start the new year week with a test that could save your life. plus a brand-new game starts today. "live's" blizzard to beach travel trivia. all next on the emmy-award winning "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ripa and michael strahan!


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